One and Not Done

When we set out to write an anthology, never did we imagine writing a second, or a series of anthologies. With Purgatorium well under our belts and on a turtle's pace, slow and steady, in sales, we have launched into accepting, reading, and editing short stories for our next book, titled, Allucinor: The Element of Romance.

In this round of submissions, we cast a wider net, yet remained selective in the invites from whom we wanted stories. Each submission wowed us with their take on love and romance, and we were left with the difficult task of whittling down the entries to the chosen few. Each member of ID Press had their favourites and those which they fought a good fight to keep. Some won the battle and others were made to go into the reserves. The wounds were superficial for the most part, however Dale may have strained a muscle or two while shaking his arms over his head.

Now that the stories have been chosen, the work begins. Long hours of editing, copious amounts of caffeine, good cheese, maybe a cupcake or two, and the amazing company of ID Press friends is in our future.

Oh, and in the back of our collective minds, we are already planning on the third anthology, Nefariam: The Element of Crime.

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