Stories about Purgatorium: Connie Di Pietro on Unstrung

Welcome to the third blog in this series, where we'll explore the stories behind the stories in ID Press' inaugural anthology, Purgatorium - The Element of Horror. ​​

The anthology will be released on January 22nd at the Copper Branch Restaurant in Brooklin (see the invite here), and is currently available for purchase through Amazon (in both hard copy and e-copy formats), as well as Kobo.

In this series, we'll be talking about the stories in the order in which they appear in the anthology. Today, we tackle Connie Di Pietro, editor of Purgatorium, and her story, Unstrung...

Where did it come from?

Unstrung came to me like most of my stories do, at a time when I was least expecting it and not looking for something else to write.

I had just been told by a writer friend of mine, who will remain nameless, that if I want to be published I should move away from dark fiction and write what Caesar wants – a term used by the literati – mainstream fiction. This would promise to broaden my audience and make what I write more desirable to a wider spectrum of agents.

Really, I took this to heart and began thinking for days about what they had said. Then, while watching an episode of 2 Broke Girls (I can’t stand that show) with my eldest daughter, there was a scene of a puppeteer sitting outside their cupcake shop, peddling his art for pocket change and disturbing their customers. They said he was creepy. He was. And in that moment, the story slammed into my brain. It was at that point that I knew I would never be able to write mainstream, because everything that comes to me, that makes me excited, is dark. Even while watching a crappy sitcom. It’s my wiring. So, why deny myself the pleasure?

Write what you like, and do it well, the universe will make it happen.

About Connie

In the light of day Connie Di Pietro is a normal mom of 4, pet owner, and wife. but when the sun descends and the coyotes begin to howl, she pulls out her laptop and writes stories that leave you afraid to fall asleep.

When she is not writing, she is working on a petition to make Halloween an official statutory holiday, where everyone dresses up and candy becomes a main food group. ​​

Author and editor, Connie Di Pietro

To learn more about Connie follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. About Purgatorium

Watch this space for additional stories about the stories. Find out more about Purgatorium here. Find out more about ID Press here.

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