Marketing Director, Robert E. Walton also known as Dale Long, always has a story on the go. From reanimated stories of folklore and Christmas tales to monsters and ghouls who fill our nightmares, he is a master of spinning yarn.

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Rumour has it that, Chief of Submissions, Tobin Elliott dips his pens in opens wounds to fuel his writing. He writes visceral, personal, scary shit that will  drop to you knees. But you would know it wouldn't be shit. 

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Cover & Interior Designer, Pat Flewwelling is a seasoned author and you can find her behind her keyboard hammering out a new story of horrific transformation and love.

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Publisher, Connie Di Pietro is the Queen of the Macabre. Her dark tales of twisted realities and warped psychosis sheds light on your inner fears. Weaved within these stories is a magnifying glass which amplifies the hypocrisies of societal beliefs.

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Research Intern, A.L Tompkins, is a writer from Ontario, Canada.  She holds an honours BSc. in Biology, and is usually found working surrounded by animals, the bigger and more likely to eat her, the better.

When not writing furiously, A.L is usually reading anything she can get her hands on.