ID Press publishes short story anthologies by emerging, grassroots writers who inject new blood into old genre. Our focus is on the quality of writing brought by a diverse group of authors. We will not be bound by the conservative restraints of genre. Instead we will actively seek stories that entertain and will breathe new life into the literary scene.

ID Press began as a stolen idea; print a short story anthology written by our friends for the purpose of getting our names out there. It has since grown into the idea of building a periodic table of anthologies, each with a different genre slant. 

Connie Di Pietro, along with Robert Edgar Walton, Tobin Elliott, and Pat Flewwelling work tirelessly to ensure quality stories end up in the anthologies. ID Press will not decline a story without offering editorial feedback. Our objective is to help cultivate authors, and to give them a platform to be noticed by bigger publishing houses.